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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get to know your design team: Jenny Dziekan

1. Name: Jenny Dziekan

2.Where are you from:  outside Norfolk, Va... for now

3. Tell us about you... I'm the momma to five younguns and wife to my Navy pilot hubby, Patrick. I've been crafty forever and made my first scrapbook way back in high school! I started to scrapbook for real after the birth of my first child (9 years ago), for the typical reasons, to document the milestones and remember the moments. But, it quickly became much more to me. Scrapping keeps me sane (well, relatively... I did say FIVE kids) on those days when I play both Mommy and Daddy when Patrick is away saving the world. I just don't know what I would do without this crazy little hobby we call scrapbooking. Many thanks to Sarah for including me on Scrap That Baby's Team. I've got a lotta babies to scrap!

4. Tell us about your babies: Our brood includes three boys and two girls. P.J. is our oldest and he is 9, and he is my rock. Nuff said. Next up is Julia (7), my Mini Me. She drives me loony, she's just TOO much like me. Reagan is 5 and our resident Pirate. He is all boy and gives the best kisses. Following up the rear are the Twinnies... "Sassy and Puppy". They will be 3 in July. Sophia and Sullivan were 31 weekers and are thriving today, too much, if you ask their tired momma.

5. Favorite scrappy item.....I couldn't scrap without my pink Cutterbee's and some fabulous patterned paper just waiting to be cut up.

6. Favorite baby item? Does duct tape count?!? There ARE 5 of them!

7. blog?

A few fabulous layouts by Jenny ....

1 comment:

Ann-Katrin said...

Nice to get to know you Jenny. And I love that you use yellow one your projects!