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Friday, April 23, 2010

04/23 Sara's Carved Stamp tutorial

15 minute “Carve Your Own” Stamp Tutorial

Materials needed:

X-acto knife
Eraser or carving block cut to size (I prefer Staedtler)
Several carving tools of various gauges
Design of your choice

Begin with a design (simple is best!), letter, or even a word. I found my letters in the clip art on Word.

I decided to go with the letter “G” as my soon-to-be born new baby boy will be named “Garrett”. I am thinking of using it on our baby announcements. How cute would that be?!

Trace your design using a thick pencil (pencils meant for sketching are best). Use the old window trick if you need to!
Flip your traced design over and rub it onto the eraser using a fingernail.

Cut away the corners so you have less “negative” space to deal with! This will make the stamped design “cleaner”. Feel free to leave the corners if you want.
Using a small gauge carving tool, carve around the outline of your design. Be sure not to nick the “positive” space of the design!

Next, carve away the remainder of the “negative” space. This will leave your design as the raised portion of the stamp, thus ensuring only your design will take ink.
Test your stamp and carve away any bits of eraser that have left marks. Continue testing until you are satisfied! Some people like a few marks to remain as it creates a more “homemade” look. I like to clean mine up as best I can!
See? How easy was that?!

Use them as gifts (new baby’s name or initials), as the perfect touch on baby announcements, or simply create them for your children to use!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section or e-mail us! I would be more than happy to answer them.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and the winner is.....

.......drumroll please.....

The winner if prompt 2's gift certificate to In A Scrap Creations is......


We just loved your action shots and adorable journaling! Shoot me an email to claim your prize

Also lets get crackin on prompt 3!!!  I wanna see those layouts featuring baby's name! Its an easy one!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prompt 3: What's in a name

Probably the first major parenting decision you will make what to name your wonderful bundle of joy.

Some parents obsess over meanings, some will name baby after a beloved family member and some will argue day and night over the baby's name.

All I can say is Im really glad I had a girl because my darling husband and I bickered over boys names for awhile. He kept trying to be comical,,,,, even once mentioning during an episode of the Office that Dwight could be a good name........ yeah D'wight Rice..... lovely

This prompt is ALL about baby's name. It could be the meaning of the name, why you chose the name, or even just a pretty page showcasing baby's name. It could even be a crafty project you made showcasing your baby's name. Your project can be brand NEW for the challenge or something fabulous from the depths of your gallery. As always you must showcase a baby under 4. Top 10 will be published (fame & glory people).... and there may just be a PRIZE... stay tuned

Here is a super cute mini album by guest designer Lizzie Oakley

Now check out what our awesome design team did with their baby names:

 By Jenny Dziekan

By Kristen Powell

By Sarah Rice

By Renee Kelso

Mini Album By Dani Smith

By Maya Oren-Dahan
*Note* My daughter's name in Hebrew means lilac.
Journaling in Hebrew reads " Lilach, before you were born, me and your daddy thought a lot about what name we should give you. We made a list of the names we loved and waited for you. Only a week after we came back with you we decided that the name Lilach, the name of a gentle and fragrant flower will suit you well. When we moved to United States we found out, as you know, that nobody can pronounce your name. So we changed it to Lila. But only in English. For us you always be our Lilach.
 By Gracie Ann David-Tan

By Lesley Fontaine
By Sara Robinson
*Note* Sara is currently pregnant with her sweet little Garrett and will be adding his photo when he gets here

By Jenny Dziekan

Now get scrapping that baby!! Projects are due April 29th. Favorites gallery will post April 30th! Good luck! I cant wait to see projects!! Just add you link to the linky below or link it in the comments

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15th Guest Designer profile

 The next prompts guest designer is the adorable pregnant Lizzie Oakley! She is about to give birth any day with baby number 3 and still had time to join us for our April 15th prompt. I cant wait to show you her ADORABLE mini book tomorrow when the prompt goes live. Here is a little more about her......
i'm lizzie!  i'm 26 and i'm about to pop out my third kiddo!  adin is four, lily is two, and jax will be here in april! that's this month!  yay!  i love scrapping my kidds!  i esp love making them lil mini albums.  adin LOVES to look thru his books and once he's older i know he will appreciate them more! 

Lizzie also has a cute new challenge blog!! They are having a call for designers too! Check it out!

Fabulous Birthday Favorites

So many gorgeous layouts this time around.

Here are our 10 fabulous favorites from the day you were born. Stay tuned for the winner from our sponsor!!

 Welcome to the world by Mama2Ainslie

 The story of Nate by Robin

 You & Me by Jess Moore

 I love you by Princess Gizmo

Love at first sight by Tina Phillips

April 21st by Kelly C

 Love at first sight by Susan Summerville

My Daddy, My Mommy by Jayne

The day you were born by Kelly J.C.

Frozen Forever by LilacGal

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last day for layouts!!

Today (okay probably tomorrow at noonish... who am I kidding) is the last day to get your NEW or older, but fabulous layout in for a chance at that $10 gift card to In A Scrap Creations!!

The top 10 will also get their name in lights.... err their name and layout published to the main page and a linkie to their blog for more exposure!

Challenge is HERE!

Friday, April 9, 2010

4/08 Sarah's shaped crayon tutorial

 **Sorry this was supposed to go up yesterday....  I guess the scheduled post function didnt work and I had company so I didnt check the blog. *DOH*

I saw a tutorial a year or 2 ago (i couldnt tell you where) on making NEW shaped crayons from bits of broken crayons and silicone baking pans. Its completely genius and completely easy.

Here is a picture of my first batch. Batch 2 is in the oven

To make this cool shaped crayons you need...

*silicone baking molds. (I used the Wilton Petite heart mold)
*a cookie sheet
*broken crayons (with NO paper on them)

1. Preheat oven to 200 F
2. Break crayons and peel off paper. If its a whole crayon break it in 4 pieces.
3. Toss broken crayons in the heart mold. (I used about the equivalent of 2 crayons per mold) I like swirly crayons so I used 4 different colors for each crayon.

4. Place silicone mold on a cookie sheet
5. Bake until wax is melted. It took about 15-20 minutes for mine to melt. Larger pieces of crayon will take longer to melt... as will larger crayons. Dont be afraid to fill the cups up further if you want really chunky crayons. Mine are for my 2 year old nephew so I wanted a crayon that would fit better in a smaller hand. (and yes he knows not to eat them... lol)

I plan on packaging them in a little bag with a topper that says Wyatt's crayons and buying him a few coloring books to go with them. Im making star crayons next!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prompt 2: On the day that you were born

One the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come trueeeeeeeee......

Okay lets come back from the 70's for a minute and talk about our next prompt ..... all about the day that baby was born.

For most Mommys it one of the most significant days of their lives. It doesnt matter if its baby #1 or baby #5, it's a day they never forget. If your Not the Mama.... scrap a welcome page for your new little playmate...

And the GOOD NEWS! We have a sponsor so there is a PRIZE involved with this prompt. Not only will be choosing the fabulous 10 projects to publish but 1 lucky lady will be winning a $10 gift certificate from In A Scrap Creations. Projects can be newly created for this prompt or something fabulous from the depths of your gallery.

In A Scrap Creations is a growing handmade embellishment store as well as providing custom designs for use with scrapbooks and other personal crafts.  Our unique concept albums are pre-designed for many occasions including birthdays, holidays, weddings, welcoming a new baby, and pregnancy albums to name a few.  Albums can be purchased by the layout or as a full album. We also offer distinctive single or boxed greeting cards, gift tags, altered art and more. Our reasonably priced products are created to suit your unique needs. 
Can't find what you need? Contact us today and discover how In A Scrap Album Creations can help you "Say it with Love".

Here is what the design team did!!
 By Kristen Powell
By Maya Oren-Dahan
 By Sarah Rice
By Jenny Dziekan
By Dani Smith
By Sarah Rice
By Ann-Katrin Torensen
By Renee Kelso
By Sara Robinson

 By Jennifer Matott

By Danielle Holsapple

By Brandi Pitts

To enter your NEW or already created layout to this prompt please enter your name and link to your project in the box below. Submissions are due by April 13th. Our 10 fabulous favorites and prize winner will be published to our site on April 14th. Good Luck!