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Monday, March 22, 2010

Get to know your design team: Jen Matott

1. Name : Jen Matott

2. Where are you from: Syracuse, NY

3. Tell us about you..... I'm a mommy to 2 boys and an Elementary Art teacher. I have been teaching art to kids and adults for 13 years! I love what I do and I get paid for it! WOW! I am also an avid scrapbooker and mixed media artist. I am on several design teams and enjoy the challenge each one brings. I currently design for Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker and several challenge blogs. I am inspired by artists who think outside the box and masters of fine arts. I love to borrow techniques from them and use them in my work (what artist doesn't do that?). I also look for unique ways to use materials and have come up with a few personal techniques that no one else has yet... printing images on ribbon is one.

4. Tell us about your babies..... My "baby" is Christopher and he is 1 year old. He is a spirited angel... he has the most adorable smile and loves to get into everything! He's a curious kid! He's just starting to walk and gets where he needs to go! My first "baby" is Mark. He is 5 years old and a Kindergartener. I have so many photos of when he was a baby and love my little monkey! He's even more spirited than Christopher because he is STUBBORN too! It's quite a challenge with 2 spirited boys but I am a true boy's mama and enjoy the adoration they show me! Love you boys!

5. your favorite scrappy supply: This is a hard question... I have so many "must have" items when I scrap. I would have to say that glimmer mist is my favorite right now. I also have to have cardboard, buttons, and my favorite adhesive (Fabri-Tac).

6. your favorite must have baby item: When Christopher was a little baby, he used to sleep swaddled. Actually, it was the only way he slept through the night (from age 4 weeks!). So, we tried every kind of sleep sack, swaddling blanket, ad such with no luck because he would pull a houdini. So, I found a website that sells a different sleep sack. One they can't escape from. It's a Wombie. OMG... this was amazing! It holds their arms in and zips up. It's soft and flexible. I bought 3! He loved it! I kept him in it until he was 9 months old and then he outgrew them. He could also pull up to standing at that point and didn't need to swaddle anymore. He used to scratch his beautiful face up before the Wombie but afterwards... sleep, cute face, all good!!! Now that he is 13 months, I would say my favorite item is my Coach diaper bag. I use it everytime we go out! Looks good and is so big!

7. your blog address:

Here are some fabulous layouts by Jen:

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Ann-Katrin said...

Nice to get to know you Jen and I love all the details in your layouts!