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Monday, May 31, 2010

Prompt 5 favorites!

Apparently everyone loves fun & games! It was super hard picking our 10 fabulous favorites this time around but here they are..................

By Jael

By Rebecca Kvenvolden

Great job ladies! We loved each and every entry we got!! Thank you so much for scrapping that baby! Prompt 6 will be posted tomorrow afternoon! Its a big one!

Stay tuned!

Due to a looong fun filled Memorial Day weekend our 10 fabulous favorites will go up late monday evening and prompt 6 will go up tuesday afternoon.

That means you have a little extra time to get in your prompt 5 entry in

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prompt 4 winner!

So much eye candy came out of prompt 4 that I made our sponsor "Your Life Spelled Out" choose the winner...

and that winner is....


April please email your address to me at so I can have Susan mail out your goodies!

5/23 Dani's rockin paint techniques

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  Today, I’m going to share a few tips for using paint on your mini albums.  Of course, you could use these tips on your everyday scrapbook pages as well, just remember to use thick cardstock.  It seems that a lot of people are a little afraid of using paint, but I’m hoping to get you all out of that!  No matter the outcome, just tell yourself, “It’s just art!”

What you’ll need:
Chipboard mini album
Acrylic paint (3 different colors at least)
Texture Builder for acrylic paints (you can find this in the paint section as well)
Small mist bottles (such as Ranger’s Mini Misters)
Lace paper scrap
Paint brush
Round sponge brush (not pictured)
Paint tray
Optional: Puffy paint (not pictured)

Technique 1: Using lace paper and paint to create interest.
Step 1: Paint the album page a one solid color and let it dry.
Step 2: Put the lace paper over the dried page.  You can secure it with masking tape or some other way, but I’m messy and just held it.
Step 3: Let it dry and then decorate.

Technique 2: Using mini spray bottles with paint.

Step 1: Paint the album page a solid color and let it dry.
Step 2: While it’s drying, take two spray bottles and put one part acrylic paint (one color in each) and one part water in each bottle.  Shake and test spray.
Step 3: Once the page is dry, spray the first color on.
Step 4: Spray the second color over the top and let dry.  Then decorate!

This is one of my favorite techniques!  I love the way the colors bleed into the original brush strokes!  It looks really awesome in person!

Technique 3: Using Texture Builder

Step 1: Mix acrylic paint and texture builder to create desired texture (or as directed on bottle).  I used one part paint and 3 parts texture builder.
Step 2: Using round sponge brush, lightly dab the paint mixture onto your page, and slightly twist it as you pull back up.  Play around with it a find a method that pleases you.
Step 3: THE HARD PART!!  You HAVE to let it completely dry.  I recommend NOT using a heat gun because it may mess up your effect.  Let it dry the old fashioned way.

And now you may ask, “Well what about the optional puffy paint?”  Notice all of the white dots around my finished pages?  That’s the puffy paint!  I love using puffy paint as an extra little added design element.  It’s also great for doodling (butterfly trails anyone??)! 

If you would like to see the rest of the pages in my album, visit my blog
Hope you all have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prompt 5: Fun and Games

Babies just wanna have FUN!

Does your little one giggle loudly when you play peek-a-boo? Does her heart sing for a stack of puffy rings? Does he laugh on the swings like it's the best thing ever or is the slide her main ride? How does your baby play?

This prompt is all about the fun & games your little one likes to play! Capture your baby having fun or create a game or toy for baby to play with. Rememeber to keep your projects about babys/toddlers 4 and under

Projects are due May 30th! On May 31st we will post our 10 fabulous favorites! One of those favorites will win.....

*prize coming soon... its too rainy for a decent pic *doh*

Here is the super fun layout by guest designer Naddie:

Now check out what the design team did:

 By Brandi Pitts

By Maya Oren-Dahan
 By Sarah Rice

By Gracie Ann David-Tan
Here's a fun and simple way to teach your kids the alphabets. :) This is an alphabet game I made for my daughter. It's a chart with pockets. Each pocket has a photo corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet. There are also 26 alphabet cards. Your child should insert the alphabet card in the photo that begins with that letter. ( I used KI Memories toy box papers to create this chart)

 By Renee Kelso

 By Sara Robinson
Lift of Dina Wakley..... If you want inspiration for color and playful textures, check Dina's blog out!
 By Kristin Powell
 By Sarah Rice
What kind of fun and games do you children love? Post your fun & games layout or crafty project in the Mr Linky below or add it to our comments for a chance to win this prompts prize! Projects are due May 30th! Now get scrapping that baby!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 15th guest designer profile:

The next prompt's guest designer is the super sweet scrapper from Singapore  ......Naddie!!

Bio: Hello! I'm Nadine (prefer to be known as Naddie though) and I'm a mom to a lovely 8-month-old boy. I enjoy crafting and love ATCs and journaling. I am a paper hoarder and I collect random ephemera and tchotchke (: I have always been an active and sporty person and love running, surfing and canoe polo. My favourite job is bartending


Easter Bunny favorites!

Wow ladies! Such serious Easter eye candy here.... and much sweeter than a basket full of jelly beans! Here are our fabulous favorites from the last challenge

By Susan

By: Kory D

 By Jessica S

By April H

Thank you girls SO much for all your hard work and fabulous entries! One of you will win the PRIZE package from Your Life Spelled Out!! Keep checking the blog.... we'll post it in a few days

and check back tomorrow for the super FUN prompt 5!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

05/08 Maya's prize ribbon tutorial

If you are following the latest trends in interior design and fashion you probably noticed that prize ribbons are everywhere.Can it be the newest scrapbooking trend? Who knows? Meanwhile, here is how you can make your own prize ribbon for your blue ribbon baby.

1. For one ribbon you will need two paper strips: 12"x1.75" and 6"x1.75". I like to make 2 ribbons at the same time so I will start with 3 strips, each 12" long. Chose the border punch. Keep in mind that the punch design should have small elements like scallops, small flowers and so on. My favorite is Fiskars Apron Lace. Punch the border of all strips.
2. Score the paper strips every scallop. If you are making 2 ribbons, cut the third strip in half.

3. Use accordion fold to fold the strips. Attach two strips together. Your strip should be 18" long now. Punch out 2 1" circles from cardstock
4. Glue 2 free ends of the folded paper strip together making a ring. Make sure the folds look nice and neat. Trim the paper strip if necessary. Apply a thin layer of liquid glue to punched circles. I am using  QuickDry Tacky Glue. Hold the paper ring with both hands above one of the circles, press on the inside (not punched) edge and force it to lay flat on the circle covered with adhesive. Hold one minute and cover with the second circle. This part can be tricky and requires some practice. It is important to use an adhesive that dries quickly.

5. Cut two 5"x1" paper strips and 2 ribbons the same size. Cut out the triangles at the ends. Decide how to embellish the center. I used a scallop circle and 1" circle with my baby's picture.

6. Layer ribbons on top of the paper strips and adhere to the back of the rosette. Embellish the middle.

7. Make more! Use different punches, use stamps to decorate the middle. Use your prize ribbons to embellish a scrapbook page, thank you card, birth announcement. Use as a baby shower decor or skip the bottom part and use them as cupcake toppers. They are addicting!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prompt 4: Thanks Easter Bunny!

Here comes Peter Cottontail..... hoppin down the bunny trailllllllll

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's wayyyyyy.....

Easter has just passed up by and I know you managed to get a few pictures of your favorite baby hunting for eggs, digging through that basket or dressed in their Easter finery.

Your challenge is to scrap an Eastery layout of your baby 4 or under. You can also post an Easter project of any kind that is Easter themed and geared towards younger kiddos. 

Projects are due May 13th. On May 14th we will post our 10 fabulous favorites. One of those favorites will win this prompts prize sponsored by Your Life Spelled Out!

 Your Life Spelled Out is an awesome blog featuring DAILY journaling prompts and weekly ART journal prompts. Prompts will inspire you to dig deeper in your personal journaling and spark your creativity towards scrapping your true self. Art journal prompts are posted every Friday. Join them on Facebook and receive daily prompts in your inbox!

Susan has generously offered up this set of springy scrapbook pretties to the winner of the Thanks Easter Bunny Prompt.
Here is what the fabulous design team did with the prompt:

By Jenny Dziekan

By Sara Robinson

By Ann-Katrin Toresen
 By Kristen Powell

By Jen Matott

By Dani Smith

By Danielle Holsapple

Now get Scrapping that BABY! Projects are due by May 13th. Link your layout in the comments of post your link in the Mr Linky below for your chance at the prize!