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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get to know your design team: Sarah Rice

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to do my bio....*doh* So here it is.....
1. Name: Sarah Rice

2. Where are you from: Northeast Ohio

3. Tell us about you..... Im a 31 yr old crazy creative chick. Im a new stay at home mom and completely loving it! I enjoy cooking, planning parties, watching movies, playing games, exploring new places and of course all kinds of arts and crafts. Ive been known to quote movies as part of my everyday speech. I chug coca cola like its going outta style. Im addicted to facebook!  Im on the steering committee for a non-profit group that helps children with cancer. My favorite event is teaching crafts and scrapbooking at the summer camp.

4. Tell us about your babies..... My darling daughter Aubrey Elaine was born last October.She is almost 6 months old and such a happy easy going baby. I joke that she is so good so her daddy will let me have another one. I also have 4 teenage nieces, a 4 yr old nephew and 2 nephews that qualify as babies. Wyatt is 2 and AJ is 10 months old.

5. your favorite scrappy supply..... I can never pick just one as I am a supply junkie, but I couldnt scrap without patterned papers and sharpie pens. Im also addicted to hambly and rubber stamps

6. your favorite must have baby item.....Currently its the bumbo chair. I am constantly carrying it around the house. I put her in it on the bathroom counter when I need to pee. I put her on top the washer when I fold laundry. I put her in it on the kitchen chair when I eat breakfast. She is obviously always within arms reach and can sit and play when I get stuff done. Before she got so heavy (she is 19 frickin pounds already!) I really loved my baby sling and wore her constantly.

7. your blog address...
My scrappy blog:
My recipe blog....

A few of my layouts:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Shower favorites!

We got a lot of fabulous entries for our first ever call for projects and we are proud to share our baby shower favorites!! Such cuteness!!  Thank you to everyone that submitted projects. I hope they inspire all you party planners and new mommy's. :)

Winnie the Pooh diaper cake by Shannon Marie
Super cute onesie by Eleise (psst she sells them in her etsy shop)
Digital layout by Nightwolf
Onesie  Baby Shower invitations by Jessica
Rockin baby shower favors by Suzanne Broadfield
 Baby Shower layout by Susan Summerville (aka my mom)

Card for the Mom-to-be by Ane Lene
Sweet shower favors by Jayne
Baby Shower by Rebecca Kvenvolden
Chocolates Diaper cake by Suzanne Broadfield

Such super sweet projects ladies! I cant wait to see what you do with the next prompt!! It goes up April 1st.... and this time there is a swet sponsor and a PRIZE involved!!

Baby smooches!


Get to know your design team: Sara Robinson

1. Name: Sara Robison

2. Where are you from:
I live in Columbus, Ohio.

3. Tell us about you: I am a SAHM to a spunky 3 year old boy and the wife of a pharmacy student. I love sewing and scrapping. I read way too much for my own good! I currently design for Category Stories and spend a great deal of time on the Fiskateer site and Tally Scrapper. I love sushi, France, knitting, fabric, and chocolate.

4. Tell us about your babies
: My son, Christopher, is 3 years old. We are expecting our second son, Garrett, in June.

5. your favorite scrappy supply: Punches! Love being able to add just a little patterned paper to a layout. Stamps are becoming a new favorite...just need to remember to use them. They are multiplying in my stash like rabbits!

6. your favorite must have baby item
: White noise machine! There is no way we would have been able to get our son to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time without this machine. It's a life saver!

7. Blog address:

A few fabulous layouts by Sara 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Get to know your design team: Brandi Pitts

1. Name: Brandi Pitts

2. Where are you from: East Texas near Carthage

3. Tell us about you.....I am a stay at home mama to my 2 cuties. (I "retired" from teaching at 30.) I have been married to Jason for almost 14 years. I love scrapping and would do it all day long if I thought I could get away with it! I have loved doing art of all kinds most of my life and don't plan to give it up any time soon. My daughters are my favorite scrappy subjects along with my most chased after photo victims. The big one really does run from me when she sees the camera but sometimes I'm lucky and get fabulous shots of her. The little one doesn't know to run yet! I take way too many photos and will never be caught up with my scrapping but I'm totally fine with that.

4. Tell us about your babies.....I have 2 of the CUTEST little girls in the world! Drew Elizabeth is almost 4 (going on 14!) and Addyson Mikayla will be 1 in April. They both keep me incredibly busy. Drew is so smart, sometimes too smart for her own good, and Addyson is very "busy"! LOL! She rolled over at 5 weeks and started walking at 9 months. I'll admit I'm more than a little scared! LOL! The 2 of them make me happier than I've ever been. They are, of course, my favorite scrapbook subjects

5. your favorite scrappy supply: Oh I could never hurt the feelings of other supplies by choosing just one! LOL! I love them all!

6. your favorite must have baby item:
Definitely our baby swing! Both girls practically lived in it when they were tiny--sometimes even sleeping in it during the night!

7. your blog address

A few fabulous layouts by Brandi 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get to know your design team: Lesley Fontaine

1. Name: Lesley Fontaine

2. Where are you from: currently Pawleys Island, SC, but we're moving to Lexington, just outside Columbia, in May

3. Tell us about you....
.In the mornings, I am a preschool teacher; in the afternoons, I get to be home with my sweeties. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years. I've been scrapbooking since 1999, but my style and techniques have evolved a lot over the last couple of years. I also enjoy reading in my backyard on sunny days, taking walks with my kids, and working out with my WiiFit.

4. Tell us about your babies....
.They are the sweetest! Nola is 15 months old and is the subject of most of my good layouts. She has the brightest smile and the cutest personality. Garrett is six and about to finish kindergarten. He loves Star Wars and Legos.

5. your favorite scrappy supply: My collection of stitching templates. Hand stitching is so relaxing after a really stressful day.

6. your favorite must have baby item:
Hyland's Teething's like a miracle in a bottle

7. your blog address: I really need to set up a blog!

A few fabulous layouts by Lesley

Friday, March 26, 2010

Get to know your design team: Kristen Powell

1. Name: Kristin Powell

2. Where are you from: Eureka, CA.

3. Tell us about you.....
I’m a single, 29 year old 911 dispatcher who is hopelessly addicted to scrapbooking, photography, tacky garden gnomes…and using grammatically incorrect pronouns like “hims” and “hers”. I have always been drawn to memory keeping, and I made my first scrapbook at the age of nine (which consisted of scotch tape, greeting cards, and other flat treasures). This is my first design team experience, and I’m thrilled that it focuses on one of my favorite subjects…..babies!!

4. Tell us about your babies.....
No biological babies for me yet, but I am the very proud Auntie to an 11 month old little boy named James (a.k.a. The Tiny). He has been the light of my life since the day he was born, and it often feels like my heart will burst when he rests his sweet head on my shoulder. In addition to James, I will also be scrapbooking two new beautiful cousins (Gracie and Sophia), and two of my good friend’s adorable babies (Aliyah and Kelton).

5. Favorite scrappy supply….
Right now I’m addicted to a needle and embroidery floss. I love the little added texture it creates, and the physical act of hand stitching on a page.

6. Favorite must have baby item: Gerber Graduate Lil’ Crunchies Snacks .I’m not sure who loves them more…me or the baby. I try to maintain my table manners while eating them, but baby James will grab one in each hand and then attempt to vacuum up the remaining crunchies with his mouth (he might be worried his Auntie will eat them).

7. Blog address:

A few  fabulous layouts by Kristen

Get to know your design team: Ann-Katrin Toresen

1. Name:Ann-Katrin Toresen

2. Where are you from:I am from Norway. Live near Drammen.

3. Tell us about you.....I am 29 years old, live together with my husband, our daughter and our cat. I am a SHAM, a scrapbooker and try to be creative every day. I started with
Stamping in 2003 and with scrapbooking in 2005. Now I am on different Design Teams and enjoy my hobby. It’s a lifestyle!

4. Tell us about your babies.....I have one little girl, almost 18 months old. I am a aunt to boy (soon 18), girl (5), boy (3) and a girl (2) so I have lot of babies/pictures to scrap.

5. your favorite scrappy supply I have so many favorites. No scrapbooking without the papers, I love to use all different papers . Then it’s paint, punches and different letters.

6. your favorite must have baby item I would say a cuddle bear, something nice to hold on to. My daughter have a small blanket with an elephant head and she loves to take him everywhere.

7. your blog address

A few fabulous layouts by Ann-Katrin

Get to know your design team: Renee Kelso

1. Name: Renee Kelso

2. Where are you from: Vallejo, California

3. Tell us about you.....I'm a part time secretary and stay at home mom if that makes any sense. LOL I have a 4-month-old baby named Bryce and a dog named Chester. I'm married to my wonderful hubby Daniel of 4 years. I first got in to scrapbooking when my grandmother persisted on getting me into some kind of craft. She tried for years to get me to sew with no avail. When she found out I love taking pictures, she new she had me. I've been addicted ever since! I love scrapbooking because I love reliving the memories of my life and my family's. I also enjoy card making and some altering.

4. Tell us about your babies.....We have one baby boy so far. His name is Bryce, and he was really a miracle. We almost lost him at birth, but we are blessed that he is in our lives. He is a very smiley guy. I always say it's because his mom is so silly, but he really loves to smile and giggle. His temperament is sweet. Although he just started teething . . .

5. your favorite scrappy supply.....Oh wow! I don't know if I can pick just one. I really love flowers. . . however, I have a boy??? So um. . . can I still use flowers?

6. your favorite must have baby item......His teething ring is my favorite, well really his favorite. He loves chewing it and loves the bright colors. He also loves his swing!

7. your blog address:

A few fabulous layouts by Renee:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get to know your design team: Jenny Dziekan

1. Name: Jenny Dziekan

2.Where are you from:  outside Norfolk, Va... for now

3. Tell us about you... I'm the momma to five younguns and wife to my Navy pilot hubby, Patrick. I've been crafty forever and made my first scrapbook way back in high school! I started to scrapbook for real after the birth of my first child (9 years ago), for the typical reasons, to document the milestones and remember the moments. But, it quickly became much more to me. Scrapping keeps me sane (well, relatively... I did say FIVE kids) on those days when I play both Mommy and Daddy when Patrick is away saving the world. I just don't know what I would do without this crazy little hobby we call scrapbooking. Many thanks to Sarah for including me on Scrap That Baby's Team. I've got a lotta babies to scrap!

4. Tell us about your babies: Our brood includes three boys and two girls. P.J. is our oldest and he is 9, and he is my rock. Nuff said. Next up is Julia (7), my Mini Me. She drives me loony, she's just TOO much like me. Reagan is 5 and our resident Pirate. He is all boy and gives the best kisses. Following up the rear are the Twinnies... "Sassy and Puppy". They will be 3 in July. Sophia and Sullivan were 31 weekers and are thriving today, too much, if you ask their tired momma.

5. Favorite scrappy item.....I couldn't scrap without my pink Cutterbee's and some fabulous patterned paper just waiting to be cut up.

6. Favorite baby item? Does duct tape count?!? There ARE 5 of them!

7. blog?

A few fabulous layouts by Jenny ....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get to know your design team: Danielle Holsapple

1. Name: Danielle Holsapple

2. Where are you from: Olathe KS (suburb of Kansas City)

3. Tell us about you..... I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for almost 8 years. After 8 years of teacher jr/sr high Spanish, we decided the time was right for me to stay at home with our daughter! Spending these last 2 years home with her have been amazing. I was definitely made to be a SAHM! I have been scrapbooking for nearly a decade and have had the honor of serving on numerous design teams and having my work in print. I also enjoy practicing my photography skills and have recently developed a love of sewing! Our family loves animals and we spoil our two dogs! We also enjoy anything in the outdoors!

4. Tell us about your babies.....
My daughter, Kennedy, will be 5 in two short weeks! Hard to believe how quickly they grow!! She has literally been the perfect child! She is even tempered, has the biggest heart, and is almost always content! She has made my job as a mother so easy! My son, Sam, would have turned 2 in March. Unfortunately, he had some medical issues we were unaware of until delivery. He lived a short 11 hours. But he has touched our lives in so many incredible ways! And I am eagerly awaiting our reunion in Heaven! Our third child is due this coming September! So stay tuned!

5. your favorite scrappy supply: There is no way I could pick a favorite! But I love using buttons, I love patterned paper, machine and hand stitching often find their way to my layouts and I use lots of ribbon!

6. your favorite must have baby item:
Well, it has been 5 years since I had an infant in the house so I am sure things have changed!!! But Kennedy had a favorite blanket that stayed with her from about 9 months old until we had to take it away this fall! Her Jumparoo was a huge hit as well as any book!

7. your blog address: - my family blog - my creative blog

A few layouts by Danielle

Get to know your design team: Maya Oren-Dahan

Name: Maya Oren-Dahan

2. Where are you from:
I live with my family in Milwaukee, WI. 6 years ago we moved to US from Israel. All our families are there and we miss them deeply.

3. Tell us about you.....
I am a software engineer by profession but currently I am a SAHM to 3 wonderful children. I always liked to decorate my photo albums but I discovered scrapbooking as a hobby only after I moved to US. Now it is full blown addiction!

4. Tell us about your babies.....
I have 2 girls ages 11 and 8 and one baby boy that just turned 18 months. Having a baby with older kids is like starting all over again. I enjoy it tremendously. He is the sweetest baby and I could spend the whole day just kissing them. He doesn't let me do anything else anyway :) We have 5 nieces and nephews. My sister just had twins and we expect another niece and nephew in summer. Plenty of baby pictures to scrap!

5. your favorite scrappy supply: I will say border punches. I have a nice collection and I used them a lot. They are a great way to add something fun to the layout.

6. your favorite must have baby item
I love my Chicco Liteway stroller. It is light and comfortable and it comes in fun colors.

7. your blog address

A few fabulous layouts by Maya

Get to know your design team: Gracie Ann David-Tan

1. Name- Gracie Ann David-Tan

2. Where are you from: Philippines

3. Tell us about you.....I'm from the Philippines, married to a loving husband, Mark and a mother to a very cute daughter named Marcie. I am a lover of arts & crafts and have been for more than 10 years now. I started scrapbooking in 1999 but stopped along the way. I then fell in love with other crafts like card making, cross-stitching, paper crafts and creating new things from recycled materials. I found my way back to scrapbooking again after I gave birth to my daughter. My style with my creations vary depending on my mood or inspiration. I always see to it that every work of art I make is created with love. I manage a small store and I offer scrapbook workshops from time to time.

4. Tell us about your babies..... I have one daughter and named her Mari Ciella Angelique Tan. I know it's a pretty long name but we call her Marcie for short. She just turned 3 last January and she is one smart and playful little girl. Always cheerful and sweet but can be a little hard headed at times. She loves books (though she can't read yet) so I make it a point that I read to her every night. She also has a favorite baby doll that she carries with her everywhere we go. She won't sleep or leave the house without it.

5. your favorite scrappy supply... My favorite scrap supply would be cardstock and patterned papers. They're a must have for me because you can do so much with them like layouts, cards, boxes and so much more.

6. your favorite must have baby item- Children's books and educational DVDs. The DVD's really helped me a lot, as a busy mom, I would pop in a dvd in the player and my daughter would watch her favorite shows while I can do my other chores. She also learns a lot from them as well as from the books I read to her.

7. your blog address-

A few fabulous layouts by Gracie Ann :

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23 Sarah's epoxy embellishments tutorial

I made the coolest embellishments out of things lying around my scrap room. They were so easy to make (not to mention SUPER cheap) and they came out looking so good. I started making the chipboard buttons and they were so addicting I moved on to stamped images.

To make your own epoxy chipboard buttons:

You’ll need:
*Aleene’s paper glaze (or any dimensional glaze)
*Chipboard circles (you can cut yourself or buy premade circles and peel them in half Mine are 1” and 1.5”)
*Leftover paper scraps, stickers, rubons or anything flat.
*a trimmer or scissors
*glue stick

Use a glue stick to cover your circles with patterned paper (I used scraps.) Trim off excess paper. Embellish. Using the pointed tip on the bottle of paper glaze apply a thin layer over the top of your circle making sure you cover the entire surface evenly. At this point you could sprinkle glitter or add small beads.

You need to allow the glaze to dry overnight. Do not worry if it appears cloudy. It will dry to a clear glass like shine. The thicker the coating you apply the longer they will take to dry. Try not to touch until dry or you will leave fingerprints.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Now check this out…,,,

You know that piece of thin chipboard that you get in kits or in the back of paper packs? Never throw this away. Its time to recycle it and get out your stamps….

 Use your stamps on white cardstock and color them. (I used sharpie markers) Use your glue stick to adhere image to chipboard sheet. Use scissors or your craft knife to cut out image. Apply dimensional glaze and allow to dry just like you did with the buttons.

Now you have your very own custom epoxy embellishments for pennies!! I cant wait to see what you CREATE with this simple technique.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Get to know your design team: Dani Smith

1. What is your name? Dani Smith

2. Where are you from: That's tricky. I'm FROM Guntersville, AL, but I currently live in Monterey, CA.

3. Tell us about you..... I'm a stay at home wife and mom. I've been married for almost 4 years, and in those 4 years we have lived in 3 different states. I love traveling! I also love learning new things. Right now, I'm ATTEMPTING to learn Arabic. I enjoy spending time outdoors, riding jet skies, gardening, and playing sports. Since we live on the coast right now, we spend a lot of time at the beach, too. As far as crafts, scrapbooking and altered art are pretty much the main things. I dabble in others when I get the urge. I love it all really. Because of scrapbooking, I've started taking photography more seriously. I jump at any chance to practice my photography skills!

4. Tell us about your babies..... I have one son, Jonah. He will be a year old in July. He's such a happy baby! Every time we go out somewhere, he smiles at everyone he sees. He just started crawling about a month ago, and he's into EVERYTHING now!

5. your favorite scrappy supply:
I love anything bright and cheerful! If I can find a way to use Sassafras paper on ANYTHING, I will! I'll slap some paint on any chance I get, too. And Thickers, of course.

6. your favorite must have baby item-
We have gone through many "must-haves" through the months. At first, we couldn't live without those stretchy thermal blankets, because they are perfect for swaddling. Of course, the nursing wrap is also a pretty nice invention. Right now, we're really feeling the fresh feeders things. You can put fruit in the little net, and baby can teeth on it. Jonah really likes it because he loves apples and bananas, and it will keep him occupied for a while.

7. your blog address-

some fabulous Layouts by Dani: