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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get to know your design team: Gracie Ann David-Tan

1. Name- Gracie Ann David-Tan

2. Where are you from: Philippines

3. Tell us about you.....I'm from the Philippines, married to a loving husband, Mark and a mother to a very cute daughter named Marcie. I am a lover of arts & crafts and have been for more than 10 years now. I started scrapbooking in 1999 but stopped along the way. I then fell in love with other crafts like card making, cross-stitching, paper crafts and creating new things from recycled materials. I found my way back to scrapbooking again after I gave birth to my daughter. My style with my creations vary depending on my mood or inspiration. I always see to it that every work of art I make is created with love. I manage a small store and I offer scrapbook workshops from time to time.

4. Tell us about your babies..... I have one daughter and named her Mari Ciella Angelique Tan. I know it's a pretty long name but we call her Marcie for short. She just turned 3 last January and she is one smart and playful little girl. Always cheerful and sweet but can be a little hard headed at times. She loves books (though she can't read yet) so I make it a point that I read to her every night. She also has a favorite baby doll that she carries with her everywhere we go. She won't sleep or leave the house without it.

5. your favorite scrappy supply... My favorite scrap supply would be cardstock and patterned papers. They're a must have for me because you can do so much with them like layouts, cards, boxes and so much more.

6. your favorite must have baby item- Children's books and educational DVDs. The DVD's really helped me a lot, as a busy mom, I would pop in a dvd in the player and my daughter would watch her favorite shows while I can do my other chores. She also learns a lot from them as well as from the books I read to her.

7. your blog address-

A few fabulous layouts by Gracie Ann :

1 comment:

Ann-Katrin said...

Nice to get to know you Gracie Ann. Love your sunburst layout!