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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get to know the design team: Breann Riggert

1. Name:  Breann Riggert

2. Where are you from: from Iowa (go Hawkeyes!), but currently live in northern Missouri. definately not my first choice.  or second.  or third.

3. Tell us about you:  I am 31 (gasp-seems like yesterday i was 22 living with my bestie *insert amy farafowler voice*), wife to David and mama to two little guys I call M and Q.  Currently on maternity leave from my full time job...thinking I will go back as part time and maybe try to get some classes.  I will graduate college one day even if I am 67 and gray. I don't always scrap "pretty."  Journaling is a must.  My pages to reflect what my heart feels at that moment...sometimes nice and sweet and other times not so much.  You may see bright and bold on one page and plain and simple on another.  I like to mix it up. 

4. Tell us about your babies:  Maxx just turned 3 on Feb. 29th and is obsessed with Mario.  He refers to himself as Mario ("I'm not Maxx!  I'm Mario!) and he has names for everyone in the fam.  (i'm princess peach...ahhhh)  I'm sure you will see a layout about that sometime.  Quinn is our newest addition as of January 28th of this year.  What a sweet little guy he is and his big brother adores him.  He has spent 1/3 of his life in the hospital due to him recently having rsv and pneumonia.  We are currently catching up on all that lost cuddle time.

5. your favorite scrappy supply: alpha stickers.  i heart them.  a lot.

6. your favorite must have baby item:  with Maxx is was the Bumbo seat-we had a mutual love for that thing.  but with Quinn, it will be a wrap I am going to purchase today so that we will both be happy.

7. your blog address: 
A few fabulous layouts from Breanne

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Nati Tristan said...

I cant wait to see ur work