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Sunday, August 8, 2010

8/08 Kristin's Accordian Mini Tin Album tutorial

1. Select a tin (altoid, and tobacco tins work great)
2.Apply a coat of paint to the interior and exterior of tin (I used 
spray paint)
3. Measure tin and cut two sheets of paper slightly smaller to fit 
front and back sides of tin.
4.Used Mod Podge (or similar product) to adhere sheets of paper. I used 
two coats (One to adhere the paper to the metal, and a second over the 
paper to “seal” and protect it).

5. Cut a sheet of cardstock into strips, width of strips should be approximately ¼” shorter than the length Of your tin. Accordian fold strips of cardstock. (I used a scoring blade on my paper trimmer to score the sheet approx ¼” shorter than the width of your tin.)
6. Use a bone folder to make folded edges crisp.
7. To adhere strips of cardstock (you can make as many as you like), 
overlap the ends and glue w/a strong paper adhesive (I like Yes paste).
8. Make a small cut off each corner of the folded papers (this makes it 
easier to open and close the album without the corners snagging on the 
rounded edges of the tin)

You will then need to adhere the two ends of cardstock to the lid and base of tin 
(I used Mod Podge)....and decorate as you see fit!
I printed up all my photos in wallets and found them to be the perfect size! 


Sara said...

So cute! Might make a good Christmas gift for Grandma...hmm...

Melanie said...

Love this mini book Kristin, great work.

valechula said...

gorgeous and then some!!! Im inspired for sure!

Shell said...

WOW this is so beautiful!