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Monday, November 8, 2010

11/08 Melanie's dimension trtechnique

Today I will be doing a tutorial on adding dimension to hand-cut paper flowers.
This can also be used for store bought paper flowers and light chipboard flowers.
Step 1.
Firstly hand cut the flower from your patterned paper.
Using a sharp craft knife and sheet of glass for best results.
If you desire, you can ink the flower before curling to achieve the all over inked edges.

Step 2.
You will be using a kebab skewer, awl or other sharp pointed tool to curl the edges.
Place the sharp end of the tool on the tip of the flower petal

Step 3.
With your finger on the flower tip, lightly turn the skewer and push with your finger to assist the paper to roll up. Move on to all petals until they are curled in.

Step 4.
All petals will be curled in now, you can lightly pull out the curls until you are happy with how they look and depending on how tight you want the flower to be.

Step 5.
Your flower will now be raised and have dimension yet not be overly bulky for your albums.

The flower is best stacked using different sized paper flowers. Embellish with brads, pearls or any other embellishment you have on hand.

This is a card I created using this technique. I left the bottom flower flat so the top layer looked more 3-dimensional.


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