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Saturday, May 8, 2010

05/08 Maya's prize ribbon tutorial

If you are following the latest trends in interior design and fashion you probably noticed that prize ribbons are everywhere.Can it be the newest scrapbooking trend? Who knows? Meanwhile, here is how you can make your own prize ribbon for your blue ribbon baby.

1. For one ribbon you will need two paper strips: 12"x1.75" and 6"x1.75". I like to make 2 ribbons at the same time so I will start with 3 strips, each 12" long. Chose the border punch. Keep in mind that the punch design should have small elements like scallops, small flowers and so on. My favorite is Fiskars Apron Lace. Punch the border of all strips.
2. Score the paper strips every scallop. If you are making 2 ribbons, cut the third strip in half.

3. Use accordion fold to fold the strips. Attach two strips together. Your strip should be 18" long now. Punch out 2 1" circles from cardstock
4. Glue 2 free ends of the folded paper strip together making a ring. Make sure the folds look nice and neat. Trim the paper strip if necessary. Apply a thin layer of liquid glue to punched circles. I am using  QuickDry Tacky Glue. Hold the paper ring with both hands above one of the circles, press on the inside (not punched) edge and force it to lay flat on the circle covered with adhesive. Hold one minute and cover with the second circle. This part can be tricky and requires some practice. It is important to use an adhesive that dries quickly.

5. Cut two 5"x1" paper strips and 2 ribbons the same size. Cut out the triangles at the ends. Decide how to embellish the center. I used a scallop circle and 1" circle with my baby's picture.

6. Layer ribbons on top of the paper strips and adhere to the back of the rosette. Embellish the middle.

7. Make more! Use different punches, use stamps to decorate the middle. Use your prize ribbons to embellish a scrapbook page, thank you card, birth announcement. Use as a baby shower decor or skip the bottom part and use them as cupcake toppers. They are addicting!


Diana Joy said...

So so so cute, cute, cute. I love this idea with the punched edges. Thank you for the ideas.

Heather Plank said...

Super cute Sarah!!! I'm going try these!

kellyisascrapdiva said...

Very cute and it looks pretty simple. I might have to try this one! That is my fav Fiskars punch!

stampkjs said...

I haven't seen these yet so thanks for sharing! I LOVE them and you did a great job of showing how to make them!!! Thank you!


Divinity said...

oh these are super cute!!!!!! another great reason i need to get that apron punch!!!!

moloneyat said...

This is super cute Maya!!! Divinity I can see yet another reason why I need the apron lace punch :)

Sara said...

Maya, this is incredible! Love that punch, too. :)