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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prompt 32 favorites!

Holy fun in the SUN!! We just loved seeing your little ones enjoy the summer FUN. Here are our favorites from prompt 32

Mia Castrillo

Ronnie Simpson

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prompt 33 Wacky Words

Sometimes kids say the craziest things!

My daughter frequently makes me laugh out loud at the things she comes up with. Sometimes its a funny phrase. Sometimes she gets a word stuck in her head and repeats it giggling (PEPPERONI.... hahahahaha) and of course they repeat EVERYTHING. Im sure every parent at some time has experienced the horror of something completely inappropriate coming out of a little ones mouth.

This challenge is all about the WORDS.

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Check out what our design team did!

Heather Gerrits

Juliann Marchant

Kelly Cranfill

Michelle Carmen

Jen Matott

Emily Spahn

Sabrina Poole

Now show us your wacky words! Projects are due August 30th!  On Sept 1th we will post our fabulous favorites!  Just add your link the the Mr Linky below to enter. Be sure to link up the challenge on your blog! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Prompt 32: FUN in the SUN

Grab your sunscreen and your shades ladies.... Its time for another Scrap that Baby challenge! Summer is here in full force and there is nothing more fun than playing with your little one in the hot summer fun!  Does your little one love to play at the park? Soak in the pool? Collect shells on the beach? Play t-ball with friends? Run around with a drippy popcicle? Chase bubbles?

This prompt is ALL about SUMMER fun in the SUN!

We dont have a sponsor for the (half month) of July (we are currently accepting sponsors) so the winner of the July 15th prompt will receive an American Crafts baby stamp set..... and the option to be a GUEST DESIGNER for the August 15th prompt :)
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Now check out these fabulous FUN IN THE SUN layouts from our design team

Kelly Cranfill

Emily Spahn

Jenny Dziekan

Sheila Ho

Heather Gerrits

Juliann Marchant

Kelly Haugen

Maya Oren-dahan

Michelle Carmen

Sarah Rice

Now show us your summer fun! Projects are due July 31st! On August 1st we will post our fabulous favorites and one of those lucky ladies will win that American Crafts stamp set! Just add your link the the Mr Linky below to enter. Be sure to link up the challenge on your blog! :)

Prompt 31 favorites

We just loved your sweet stories! Here are our favorites from Prompt 31!


Karen K

Jennie Garcia

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

MAY winner!!

The winner of the MAY prompts prize from Tallyscrapper is.........


We love your "Baby's Day out" layout to pieces! Such awesome layering! Email Sarah your address to and we'll hook you up with your prize!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the prompt for July :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prompt 31: Tell Me a Story

I love books! Somedays there is nothing better than snuggling up with Aubrey and reading her a story. She has grown to LOVE books. She frequently brings me an armload and exclaimes "READ IT" !

This prompt is all about STORYTIME! It can be about trips to the library, a favorite book or that special snuggle time sharing a good book.  We cant wait to see your stories.

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Wouldnt you LOVE to design with that? I know I would!
Check out these fabulous toys from our design team:

 Jenny Dziekan

Kelly Cranfill

Kristin Powell

Heather Gerrits

Emily Spahn

Jen Matott

Maya Oren-Dahan

Sabrina Poole

Now show us your stories!! Because this prompt was posted late the due date has been extended. Layouts/Projects are due July 14th. On July 15th we will post our fabulous favorites! Those lucky ladies (along with the favorites of prompt 30) will be in the running to win that awesome June kit from WeScrap! Just add your layout to the Mr Linky below to enter!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prompt 30 favorites

 FYI: We are a little behind at the moment. The new prompt will go up tomorrow evening and run through July 14th! In the meantime check out the favorites from our last prompt!

We just loved seeing your kids favorite toys! Here are our favorites from prompt 30

Erin F

Vicky Varvadouka 
 Karen K

Thanks so much to everyone who played along! These ladies )along with the favorites from prompt 31) are in the running to win the fabulous kit from WeScrap kits!

Friday, June 17, 2011

An orgami gift box with JESS!

You gals HAVE to check out this awesome tutorial from Jess!!
Origami Gift Box

Hi everyone!  Jess here, with a little origami box that is just perfect for holding gift cards, a folded onesie, baby socks, hair bows, or any other small gift.  It is so simple to make that you may never buy another small box again!

Begin by selecting two pieces of coordinating 12" x 12" paper.  They can be double sided but don't have to be.  You will primarily see the top cover of the box so choose whichever paper you want most visible for that and leave it 12" x 12".  Set this paper aside.
Cut the bottom paper down to 11.5" x 11.5"... we will start with this one.
Take your bottom box paper and fold it in half both ways.  Use a bone folder or other flat, smooth tool to make neat and crisp folds.  Open it again.
Fold each corner up to the center so that the side of the paper you want showing is on the outside. 

Fold the top and bottom up to meet in the middle. 

Open those folds and crease the opposite sides in the exact same way, meeting them in the center. Open up these last four folds like so:

Pull the top and bottom triangles out.  Use the creases on the sides that we made in the last step to fold the edges upright like so:

The paper will naturally "help" you with this next fold.  Holding the sides in place, pull the top triangle up like so:

Fold the remaining part of the triangle down and tuck it back so it "locks" the side in place.  You may want to put a small amount of adhesive on the bottom flap to keep it there.

Repeat the last few steps with the other side to complete the bottom of the box.

To create your box cover grab that 12" x 12" cover paper and repeat all the above steps.  There is absolutely NO difference in the way the top and bottom are folded! 

You'll see that the paper size difference is just enough to let the box bottom slip perfectly into the box top.

Now all you have to do is finish decorating your box!  I added a border cut band, ribbon, some small flowers, and a tag and this is ready to go for a sweet gift for a little one!